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Today, there’s a lot of talk about Python being used for machine learning and artificial intelligence projects, but this amazing programming language can also be applied to create stunning online stores. And the best framework to do that is Django.

Here’s why.

1. All included framework

Here, you will find various ready-made modules that you can use to build up the architectural components you need without any coding from scratch. This would save a lot of time and effort, energizing your development sprints good.

2. Easy and logical language

Python is an extremely simple and logical programming language. You will be able to start using it in order to code your online store after just a couple of weeks in research.

3. High integration capabilities

Python plays nice with all other components that populate a standard tech stack for ecommerce, including JS, PHP and others.

Although there’s been some talk that Python might lose its popularity in the next several years, it’s highly doubtful. Today, its community is growing fast with many coders migrating here from other traditional frameworks and programming languages out there.

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