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Every business works hard to build up and sustain a strong online presence. And businesspeople like having “their fingers in all pies”, but, surprisingly, it almost never makes sense to feed your own internal webdev team since such departments are similar to, well, farms. You don’t necessarily launch a farm if you feel like a steak.

Here’s 3 easons against going in-house.

1. Too many balls to juggle

There’s just too many people, professions, duties, metrics, targets and objectives. No single business can do all of this alone.

If they could, why would webdev agencies be so popular and wide in number?

2. Too difficult to ramp up and ramp down

Agencies do dozens of projects at the same time, so they can hire a designer and channel the work their way on a daily basis. Your individual shop just can’t do that.

3. Just too hard to talk to devs

Yes, developers are some of the most extroverted people on this blue ball.

Do you want to explain the importance of having a nice color in your header to a Zuckerberg? We doubt that.

Outsource all of these duties to a professional webdev agency. Don’t try to “operate appendicitis on yourself”.

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