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Today, many companies are looking into new ways for them to start using the data they generate in order to create a competitive edge. Machine learning can help you do that by turning the unstructured data about your business into valuable insights. Then you can use those insights in order to create forecasts and find hacks to improve your performance.

Here’s just a few of the use cases for your machine learning endeavors.

1. Understand hidden customer needs

Companies deal with tons of unstructured data. If you analyse it correctly, you will learn about the new ways to upsell or cross-sell.

2. Create your own bot

You can use the data in order to develop the scripts for your own alive bot. In this way, you’ll be able to cut down on customer support staffing.

3. Determine customer journey routes

You can analyse thousands of various journey routes your customers take when interacting with your offerings. This way, you’ll find brand new approaching to optimize your sales funnel.

Machine learning already underpins much of what we do online, and your company’s decision to keep up with the changes will help you stay competitive in the long term.

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