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How the internet changed the business world in terms of accessibility and convenience is just so powerfully monumental. Digital marketing, for instance, has become highly competitive and ever-changing that for some companies it’s becoming harder to keep up.

Digital marketers ought to constantly stay plugged into the latest innovation, technologies, and strategies so as not to be left behind. Marketers should not just follow the current trends but watch out for up-and-coming trends. With businesses of today becoming ever more dependent on digital marketing, there’s just no excuse for lagging.

Further down this article, we’ll discuss the invaluable tips for digital marketing success in 2020. And keep reading as we dig deeper about the current, as well as the breaking, trends of today and the new year to come.


Procure a smart email validation service

Did you know that companies who contracted a smart email validation service have seen a reduction in their bounce rate of about 75 percent? As a result, these same companies observed an increase in their open rate for around 20 percent. Consequently, this led to a better conversion rate and ROI, not to mention the positive brand awareness impact too.

If you are not familiar, email validation is the process of verifying if an email address is valid nor deliverable. It helps you determine whether the email address is connected to a real person or not. It benefits you by eliminating or minimizing negative engagements thereby allowing you to effectively reach more leads and clients. 

So to succeed in digital marketing this coming 2020, one of the most important factors to consider is securing a smart email validation service. There are tremendous benefits in procuring a good email validation service. It not only helps clean your email list—allowing you to significantly revamp your Sender Reputation, but it also boosts your ROI altogether.

A smart email list validation service complements your marketing efforts effectively. Undeliverable emails can hurt your marketing campaigns—directly affecting your Sender Reputation. Verifying your email list by procuring a smart validation service helps you solve several issues. Email list validation helps in:

  • reducing your email bounce rate
  • avoiding complaints/reports, and Spam trap hits
  • increasing Inbox delivery & results
  • lowering your mailing costs, (i.e. ESP)
  • increasing data quality leading to more usable leads

It is also recommended to pair email validation with data enrichment. Data enrichment complements email validation by improving your contact list. This process helps refine information by completing the attributes, thus boosting your data value.


Team-up with reliable digital marketing companies to come up with a good marketing strategy

Without a doubt, managing the daily operation of a business is tough. Whether you’re managing a big company with hundreds of employees, or you are a startup operating with only three key personnel, the day-to-day operation of your business can take so much of your energy and time.

It’s not surprising then for some businesses to inadvertently neglect or not pay enough attention to their digital marketing side. And this has been proven, time and again, to be a fatal mistake. Today’s competitive world requires businesses to invest wisely in digital marketing services to securely accelerate their growth. 

And this poses a threat most especially to those which marketing isn’t their business’ core. Since digital marketing is constantly evolving, introducing new strategies and complex trends now and then, how are you to keep up? The answer: outsource or collaborate with a reliable marketing agency.

Teaming up with a reliable digital marketing company brings in a profusion of benefits. These agencies normally have a multi-professional team so you can be assured that everything will be taken care of—speaking about the digital marketing aspect. Their team is usually composed of professional experts with a diverse skill set including key skills in content writing, SEO, social media management, web design and development, market research, and more.

With their advanced knowledge, tools, and skills, digital marketing agencies are proactive and recommend effective measures on how to amplify your marketing game. Collaborating with them gives you a ten-fold chance of leveling up your marketing campaigns. And this is aside from the fact that in reality, teaming-up with them, can reduce your costs and risks as you can avoid a trial-and-error approach.

Hence, to succeed next year, communicate clearly what you want to achieve, or your marketing goals. Then, collaborate and strategize with a reliable agency to help you hit these goals. Doing so helps you focus more on your more important tasks.


Follow the trends

While there will always be new innovative technologies, some digital marketing trends are here to stay. Here are the movers and shakers of the digital world that will continue to bring massive impact. As well as the latest trends you should embrace and include on your 2020 marketing plan.

  • Voice Search

There are approximately 66.4 million American adults who own a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo. Take note that this number is in the US alone. Worldwide, there are more than 31% of smartphone users who utilize voice-activated search at least once a week like Siri.

This simply translates that voice search is a trend that is getting stronger, now more than ever, as more people start to discover its convenience. Experts even predict that by the year 2020, at least 50 percent of all searches will be through voice-activated search. Thus, next year, every serious marketer should unmistakably not ignore the voice search.

It’s wise to say that as early as today, you should be optimizing your sites and apps. You can start by using long-tail keywords as well as natural language.

  • Shoppable Posts

One trend that you can expect to become a norm this coming 2020 is shoppable posts. Although most marketers know that social media plays a huge role in digital marketing, not everyone knows that users can shop on social.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest sites have developed a way for merchants to sell on social by using a native integration. Shoppable posts allow social media users to easily and directly shop in your posts. So to achieve digital marketing success in 2020, don’t forget to utilize social commerce.

It was recently revealed that 70% of the 4,000 Pinterest users surveyed admit that the site helps them find new products online. While around 60% of Instagrammers say they discovered new products while using the platform.

  • Smart Bidding in Google Ads

PPC account managers take note, smart bidding in Google Ads is something you should start mastering now. The latest Google Ads improvement helps maximize your conversions to a whole new level.

You can now choose conversion actions at a campaign level, or optimize your bids across several ad campaigns with a set of your desired conversion actions. Additionally, you can now set your bids to change automatically when your sale starts or stops.

  • Personalization

Are you already personalizing your marketing and advertising campaigns? Because if not, we suggest you start implementing it now. This coming 2020, brands who give special attention to personalization will indeed make the cut.

The traditional way of doing ads and other marketing stuff isn’t so effective anymore. Most consumers get annoyed and frustrated now whenever generic ads show up. In this time and age, people prefer personalization from advertising, marketing, to customer service.

Start with sending personalized newsletters. One way to do so is to segment your email list. Personalized marketing campaigns are so effective in bringing in high conversion rates and ROI that you just can’t ignore this trend.

  • Chatbots

Increasingly, with the help of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we’ve been conveniently communicating with bots. As the years go by, chatbots are becoming more and more sophisticated. Chatbots can now handle complex requests, thus making it more notably appealing to businesses and customers alike.

In 2020, you can expect bots to be continuously perfected and incorporated into e-commerce stores, company websites, or social media business pages. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon as it’s a cheaper alternative than hiring a support person and provides a faster response.

  • Social Messaging Apps

Messaging apps on social are also helping businesses tremendously especially with reaching out to new customers or retaining clients. Apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, and the ever-present Facebook Messenger are making business-to-customer communication a whole lot easier.

Utilizing social messaging apps is also a great medium to channel personalized marketing. With it, businesses can establish relationships with their customers and helps educate them about their business, products, or promotions. Messaging apps also make it easy to invite followers to events, and most importantly helps in boosting sales.

  • Interactive Content

Just like shoppable posts, interactive content such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 360-degree video, polls, and quizzes are trends that will become bigger in 2020. Interactive content works because people are just naturally inclined to interact.

Interactive content is not only new, but it helps cut through the noise and gives site visitors more reason to stay on your page. This type of content is also extremely shareable thereby increasing your brand awareness even more. 

  • Influencer Marketing

Even though this is not something new, influencer marketing is undoubtedly getting stronger and becoming more effective than ever. At first, businesses use influencers who are huge internet celebs or known public figures, but the trend now is more inclusive. Businesses now tap influential people on social media, some even having a much smaller social media following, to reach a targeted demographic. 

Leveraging these influencers to be brand ambassadors is still an effective marketing tactic that will continue until the coming years.

  • Video

It’s a must today, but will likely continue not just in 2020 but for more years to come—video. Posting relevant yet entertaining videos on your social pages and website is still one of the top trends you need to continue mastering. Doing a Facebook Live and Instagram Live, based on recent stats, helps you get watched 3X longer than just posting a regular video.

  • Page Speed

With this generation’s rapidly shortening attention span, page speed matters now more than ever. Statistics show that increasingly, about 25% of users will abandon your page if it’s content isn’t loaded in four seconds. Stats even reveal that these same users will likely not come back to your page too.

All your digital marketing efforts will go to waste if you didn’t focus on improving your page speed this coming year. 



New technologies, innovation, and digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving. What’s hot now may no longer be effective in the next few months or years. While there is no foolproof way to achieving 100% digital marketing success in 2020, studying and following effective trends will up your chances.

Procuring a smart email validation service is also one of the most effective ways to help secure your digital marketing success in the coming year. Teaming-up with reliable digital marketing companies will likewise boost your odds of achieving success in 2020.


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Leading the digital marketing and communications for EmailOversight, with more than 5 years of experience in email marketing, Nelly is dedicated to helping customers make the right decisions. Being a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, her talent for managing digital content is impeccable and her definition of success is measured only when customers are happy.
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