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Whenever you are looking to choose the programming language that you will use in order to code your next ML-powered app, there are mainly only two options: Python and R. While R is a statistics-only language, Python seems to be the best choice. And here’s why.

1. Lots of libraries

Here, you’ll find an abundance of libraries that will enable you to resolve most of the problems you’ll face. You won’t have to code even a line as all those solutions come straight out of the box.

2. Robust community

Python has won over a lot of machine learning engineers and researchers, who have migrated here from other technologies such as R.

3. Ease of use

Python prides itself for being extremely easy and elegant in its applications. You’ll find no difficulty in manipulating even the most complex calculations and algorithms underlying your machine learning applications.

As an additional benefit, you can use Python not only for the core data science components, but also for your app’s UX parts. This will make it easy and fun for your development team to have tabs on all parts of your application at the same time.

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