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When you are about to start your own business, it can be exciting and daunting at the same time. It can be great when you finally get your idea to transform into your business. You must strategize and turn all your ideas into a valuable and viable business. Ultimately, it is required for you to multitask on different companies. Did you know? There are presently 3,317,205 live websites using WooCommerce Development.

Hence, you can thank the many web technology tools that help in designing web pages and also develop the eCommerce website and develop the company. Hence, as we all know how important WordPress is as a popular content management tool. You must all be familiar with woo-commerce development services that are widely used by the professional eCommerce firms.


What is WooCommerce?

Now that it is clear, WooCommerce is an open-source specially made for eCommerce WordPress plugin. It is very popular in website design and development space, and it has more than a million downloads. Apart from that, it is one of the significant supporters of the ever-growing eCommerce business sector.

Woocommerce helps all the budding businesses to develop their dream websites. Apart from that, it can be created just like you want: simple, fast, and low-cost manner. Learn more about it to know why this eCommerce plugin is famous these days.


Why is WooCommerce Development So Important Nowadays?

  • When you have completely understood what is WooCommerce, you will think of why it is so important? There are specific rules plugin for WooCommerce, and it has been around since 2011. Apart from this, you need to use it due to its ease of usage and the numerous features it offers.
  • With every passing year, WooCommerce keeps on getting better, and it has a robust development team behind it. WooCommerce is a free and open-source community, and it is entirely free for anyone who wants to download it. Yes, it has its premium pricing, but above all, it can help you with its features.
  • It is equally powerful and extensible, and even the beginners can use it. When you use WooCommerce, you can set up your online store from the WordPress website. Hence, it is not required for you to know how to code. So follow the five basic rules of WooCommerce Development, and you will be set.
  • As we already know that WooCommerce is an open-source and a completely customized eCommerce platform, we should remember its importance too. In fact, we need to work on things that go beyond the basic and traditional eCommerce solutions. Hence, here are some prime reasons as to why WooCommerce is essential and why it should be preferred?
  • It is an open-source and free platform. It is built on WordPress. This WordPress runs 26% of the complete world wide web. It is also audited by Sucuri, which is one of the industry leaders in security. 
  • Woocommerce has content to the core. It is working on the most popular content management system in the world. It is so good in integration with the content that it goes perfectly with the commerce. It is like all the Woocommerce tools are right there.
  • WooCommerce is customizable, and it is lean. You can also integrate other WordPress plugins and have all the features that you love. Hence, you can call it a modular system.
  • With this Woocommerce development services, you can sell anything once you make the website. You can sell actual products. You can sell the digital downloads, appointment, or any other Ecommerce related things.
  • There are absolutely no limits with WooCommerce. Every eCommerce website owner finds woo-commerce to be completely free and entirely open source. You can modify anything and also add as many products and services you want to sell. You can also have an unlimited order intake.
  • If these features aren’t enough, you have so much of help coming your way. Yes, WooCommerce has an active worldwide community.


How important is it for the developers? 

  • WooCommerce is made for the developers. The woo-commerce developer docs are all similar to that of WordPress as it was made from WordPress. If you know the basics of WordPress management, you will understand that woo-commerce plugin development is straightforward. You can keep all the plugins you like and even use them to manage the stores.
  • Apart from that, if you ever want to know more about Woocommerce, you can always refer to a woo-commerce tutorial. It is managed on Github and helps to collaborate with a lot more fellow developers that can build the future of eCommerce.
  • Apart from that, more than 400 official extensions can be made. You can make it from payments to marketing and accounting. There are a variety of extensions, and they are all built by the developers.
  • The WooCommerce documentation is very detailed. Every hook or filter or any primary API endpoint, they all are meticulously documented so that you can have all the information you want to have. You even have woo-commerce API, which is the rest API. It can help you to manage everything from orders to payments.
  • Thus, these are the many reasons why Woocommerce is important for you. You can customize the WooCommerce with so many countless actions and filters so that everything is in your fingertips.


The Five Basic Rules of Woocommerce Development

When you are heading to make your WooCommerce Store, you need to know a thing or two about the WooCommerce Development. When you are done finalizing that you want an eCommerce store using WooCommerce development, then all you have to do is to follow five basic rules. If you follow them, you are 90% through. Hence, you need to study the theory, know project management, identify the mistakes you have to avoid and also read as much as you can. The below are the five most basic rules you can ever follow in

  1. Build the Foundation
  2. Reverse engineering the Plugin
  3. Handle the Customization
  4. Understand the Integration
  5. Mastering Troubleshooting

These five rules can help you to customize WooCommerce, and you can get to know how it is built and coded in the first place. Then, you can handle the customization by advancing your skills and charge more money. You can learn that to get to know official WooCommerce Development. You need to understand the whole Woocommerce integration. It doesn’t work on its own. Hence all the third party interactions, hosting, SEO, SSL, languages, currencies, payment gateways are all required if you want to pursue WooCommerce development services. 

Hence, get to understand the WooCommerce Integration and also learn its customization. Last, in the WooCommerce development services, you need to master WooCommerce Troubleshooting. When things go wrong, you can react to them quickly. But if you want to prevent those things from occurring, you need to troubleshoot. You need to be good at guessing the errors. 

Hence, let us get into the WooCommerce development services steps without any further delay.


1. Build the Foundation

To become the best kind of WooCommerce developer, you need a solid foundation. Thus, you need always to stay familiar with WordPress. Do not forget that WordPress is the main base for WooCommerce as it is just a WordPress plugin. Also, when you start doing eh development, many of them start doing from module 2 instead of module 1. 

Hence, you can study tall the basics of WordPress if you are not familiar. You can refer the WordPress codex, the terminology. You can also refer to WooCommerce tutorials if you are not familiar with the basics. Complete the path meticulously and learn what it that can help you build your e-commerce website is. 

Before you get to do CSS or PHP, you have to complete the basics of WordPress. Next, you need to get familiar with all the WooCommerce docs( and WooCommerce settings. 

Make an excellent effort in knowing about how the woo-commerce projects have been dealt with. After that, you will need to realize that if you are not good with the basics, then you will break your website sooner or later.


2.  Reverse engineering the Plugin

When you want to create an expert Woocommerce website that can efficiently sell your services, then you need to know how to customize the plugin. You can call in reverse engineering as you understand how the whole WooCommerce is built, coded, and developed to know how to customize. Invest as much as time you can and know the terminology. This can help you to code and follow the advanced WooCommerce much better.

You can also divert your energy in understanding the customization of the theme by leaning to avoid the customization mistakes. We can also learn how to override the plugins and study the different templates. You can know the difference between the actions and filters.

Hence, find the different Woocommerce hooks and how they function precisely. There is a guide about this. Just master the conditional logic and run the specific functions. This way, you can learn the woocommerce shortcodes and also the conditional logic.


3. Handle the Customization

Once you know the theory and after referring a lot of woocommerce store examples, you will have to know how to handle the customization. You need to do it via CSS and PHP. Here, CSS helps in styling, and PHP is useful in functioning.

 If you are doing it for your eCommerce website, then customize everything in a specific way as you want: the specifications, the styling, the corrects hooks, plugins, and code.

If it is taking longer than you imagine, then you can look at the official woocommerce development and snippets that can help you in solutions. You can also start tweaking the answers a little here and there so that you can achieve similar results. 

Manipulate the content in different sections, and you can also implement the code snippet if the product is matching to your category. There are a lot of WooCommerce stores out there if you want an example or you can check the WooCommerce tutorials to customize the WooCommerce single page or shop page.


4. Understanding the Integration

Just learning the WooCommerce customization is not sufficient. You as a developer should be familiar with a few more basic rules such as Translation, Import/Export, SSL, SEO Analytics, Cache/Speed, Design, Payment Gateway, Email Marketing, and few other processes. 

You have to understand the quality of plugin and how easy or difficult is it to integrate the Woocommerce to a third party software for different functions like email marketing, POS, dropshipping, invoicing, etc.

So when you are in the process of understanding Woocommerce, it means you understand what it can do and what it cannot do and does want to do.


5. Master the Troubleshooting

If your WooCommerce website breaks and you do not have any idea why it did so, then it is completely waste of learning how to customize and integrate Woocommerce as a plugin. You need to be ready to tackle any blank page, cart getting empty, checkouts are spinning, and the website getting hung. You need to think elaborately and prevent these kinds of errors. As they say, prevention saves more than 90% of your troubleshooting time.

Troubleshooting requires you to check the errors from where it is coming from and treat it smoothly.


Hence, this can be viewed as a detailed explanation of the different rules of WooCommerce development. Apart from that, you are going to be benefited big time. This is because, when you are going to develop a WooCommerce store, you need to review the WordPress development basics too. 

Hence, you are killing two birds with a stone. Don’t forget to follow these five rules for the success of a WooCommerce store. It is an excellent open-source platform, and you will need to know to troubleshoot, especially if you do not want it to break in the middle. Plan everything in a systematic way when you are troubleshooting so that you will not even miss a single error. Take other steps into consideration, such as installing Woocommerce plugins that were updated two years ago or customizing the WordPress websites from the WP editor.

About the Author

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients.


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