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Today, the main two Python frameworks are Django and Flask. Django has been designed to work well with larger web applications, while Flask suits better smaller SPAs with static content.

Thus, when choosing Django for your large web app, you will benefit from the following advantages.

1. Lots of included modules

Django can be called a “Swiss army knife framework” as you’ll find here the modules that meet your needs in the majority of use cases.

2. Integrates with other tech well

This solution integrates well with other technologies in the webdev stack, including JS, PHP and others.

3. Robust community

It’s important to stick with the solutions that have good communities around them as it’s always possible that you will need to start expanding your team soon. With Python, you’ll always be able to tap into the vibrant and robust community with lots of coders currently migrating from other programming languages and frameworks to Django.

Unleash the speed and convenience Django brings forward. Enjoy the launch of your next online store in minimal time.

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