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Every businessperson loves having control over the business processes underlying their business. And your online presence these days is one of the most important facets in your sales funnel, so it’s natural that you would want to have full control over it. But it’s hard to manage and grow, meaning that the outsource webdev agencies may be the only option you have.

And what about the internal team? It’s a much worse solution. Here’s why.

1. You’ll need to train junior coders

It’s hard to train and educate the new guys, making this type of work mostly unfeasible for other businesses.

2. You’ll need to track the latest changes in the world of webdev

The web development is changing fast. With each new month, we get new solutions, frameworks, libraries, processors and methods to use. All of this matters big time as businesses wage cut-throat competition for each and every user online.

3. You’ll need to constantly look for new specialists

Web development is extremely diverse. Even though it might seem that agencies don’t have much to do, they deal with dozens of versatile specialists every day. Some of those are extremely hard to find and hire.

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